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On March 3, Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Transport Le Thanh Hung said that, under the direction of the City Party Committee and City People's Committee, Da Nang Department of Transport is currently coordinating and actively supporting Da Nang Port to implement investment procedures for the project of Hoa Vang Logistics Service Center to be able to start construction in the fourth quarter of 2021.

According to Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Transport Le Thanh Hung, the project of Hoa Vang Logistics Service Center is expected to be built on an area of 20 hectares in Hoa Nhon commune (Hoa Vang district) with a total estimated investment of about 800 billion VND. The completed project is of scale of approximately 0.2 million Teus / year (1 TEU is equivalent to 20 feet - PV).

Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Transport Le Thanh Hung said that he is urgently supporting Da Nang Port Joint Stock Company to prepare documents and procedures for the fourth quarter of 2021 to start the construction of the project of Hoa Vang Logistics Service Center.

The main functions of the Hoa Vang Logistics Service Center include organizing transportation, transporting goods from manufacturers to consumers; storage and yard for goods and containers; brokerage for consumption of goods deposited in bonded warehouses; assessment brokerage, insurance; recycling, reinforcement, packaging ...

“The People's Committee of Da Nang City has issued a decision to lease land and approved the plan, scale of 1/500; Danang Port Joint Stock Company has submitted the investment policy of the project to the Department of Planning and Investment for appraisal. Currently, Da Nang Department of Planning and Investment is consulting related departments and according to appointment paper, March 4, 2021 will be the deadline for the result!" - Mr. Le Thanh Hung informs.

Along with that, the Department of Transport had Official Letter 3548 / SGTVT-KH (August 27, 2020) responding to the Vietnam Maritime Administration (Ministry of Transport) on the "proposal to review, study and supplement the planning of an inland port in the upstream area of Han River with the method of connecting a main inland port which is the inland waterway on the Han River ”.

Accordingly, Da Nang city has planned to develop inland ports in Hoa Vang district to directly serve Logistic centers, industrial zones (IZs) in the city and support the transport organizations following Da Nang seaport.

Planned Logistics centers includes: Lien Chieu Port Logistics Center; New Kim Lien raiway Station Logistics Center; Hi-Tech Park Logistics Center; Hoa Nhon Logistics Center; Aviation Logistics Center; Tien Sa port Logistics Center. 

The existing and planned industrial zones include Hoa Cam Industrial Park phase 1, Lien Chieu;  Hoa Khanh and expanded Hoa Khanh industrial zones (to turn into ecological industrial zones); Danang Fisheries Service Industrial Park; to form new industrial parks and industrial clusters: Hi-tech Park Supporting industrial park, Hoa Cam phase 2, Hoa Nhon and Hoa Ninh; industrial clusters of Cam Le, Hoa Nhon, Hoa Khanh Nam, Hoa Hiep Bac.

Da Nang Department of Transport requested the Vietnam Maritime Administration and the Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration to review and update the above information into the draft master plan on development of Vietnam's seaport system for the period 2021 - 2030, vision to 2050 to fit with the Master Plan Project of Da Nang City to 2030, vision 2045 being submitted to the Prime Minister.

At the same time, it is proposed not to plan the route of Han River estuary - Ky Ha port (Quang Nam) across the Vinh Dien river as a freight transport route, because some sections of this river are of low technical grade (grade IV - V), shallow water depths, and river crossing works on the route have small boat clearance. In particular, on the section of Vinh Dien river in Quang Nam, a saline prevention dam (upstream of Tu Cau bridge) has been built so the traffic is not smoothly connected from Da Nang to Quang Nam.


Source: doanhnghiepvn.vn / translated by Hien Pham IPA Da Nang


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